Our Services

Computer Centre, Quaid-i-Azam University provides the following services to both university administration and students of the university in order to achieve the desired results in an efficient manner

Information Systems Development

One of the major responsibilities of the Computer Centre is to develop Information Systems for automation of various work processes of the University. Different Information Systems have been developed and implemented in different departments. Their maintenance is also responsibility of the Computer Centre.

Support Services

The Computer Centre also provides computer support services to all the departments in the University. Moreover, the Centre also provides consultancy services to other organizations in public sector on their request.

Computing Facilities

The computer labs established in the Centre are equipped with micro computers and are networked. Internet access is available in the labs. Centre offers remarkable facilities to the students. The micro computers are being used by the students enrolled in different degree programmes in the University. The Computer Centre provides assistance/advice to students in their research work.