Admission Criteria

PGD – IT (Post Graduate Diploma)

1. A person holding Bechelor’s degree (B.A/BSc/BBA/B.Com/B.Engg) from any Pakistani Rcognized University with at least second division or an overall ‘B’ grade shall be eligible for admission

2. Each students shall be admitted on the basis of merit, computed from academic qualifications, and test. The allocation for determining the merit shall be as follows:

Academic Record : 75%
Aptitude Test : 25%

3. For Academic Record, 50% weight-age will be given to B.A/BSc/BBA/B.Com/B.Engg and 50% to F.A/FSc/I.Com

4. Five (5) seats are reserved fro the nominees of Govt/Semi-Govt/Autonomous Organisations.

5. The Vice-Chancel/refuse admission of/to any student without assigning any reason.


1. The course of study of Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Sciences and PGDIT shall expand over 12-months, having three semesters with durations of four and a half months respectively.

2. A Post Graduate Diploma will be awarded for passing a minimum of 36 credits.

3. English shall be the medium of instructions.

4. Students will not be provided any scholarship or hostel accommodation.

5. Course timing will be from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm five days a week


1. Second class graduate degree from any recognized University in Pakistan