At present three computer labs equipped with latest micro computers are operational in the Centre. The hardware infrastructure consists of 2 Xeon Servers and 56 Pentium PCs. Software installed in the labs includes Application Packages, Database Management System (DBMS), Visual programming and other software development tools, and Web Designing software. All enrolled students in the university may use this facility for their academic activities. The technical staff maintains and monitors the labs and also provides necessary help needed by the students in the labs. The computer labs are fully equipped with cooling/heating facilities and remain open up to 7.00 PM during working days. Internet access is available in the labs.

The Centre has established a Hardware Maintenance Lab and provides support services regarding trouble shooting & maintenance of PCs and accessories, and installation of software & hardware in all the departments of the University.

The Computer Centre provides computing facilities to all the students in the university. At present, two computer labs consisting of 45 PCs are in operation in the Centre.

The specifications of the personal computer installed in the Computer Centre are as under:

The computer labs are equipped with INTEL compatible microcomputers (Pentium III, Pentium  IV) and are networked. The micro computers are being used by the students enrolled in different degree programmes and for computer training courses. The Computer Centre provides assistance/advice to the students in their research work. Internet facility is available in one of the labs.

Lab 1: (Number of PC’s = 35)
System Specifications:

  • System                    P IV Celeron
  • Speed                      2.0 GHz
  • RAM                        512 MB
  • Hard Disk                40 GB

Lab 2: (Number of PC’s = 10)
System Specifications:

  • System                    C-i5
  • Speed                      3.2 GHz
  • RAM                        2 GB
  • Hard Disk                500 GB

Software (System / Applications)

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySql
  • Open Office